Vehicles and machinery fleet

Vehicles and machinery fleet

“Kyivmetrobud” JSC has a great vehicle and machinery fleet with successful reputation for working on sites.

Kyivmetrobud has necessary equipment for construction of metro and tunnels:
– three mechanized tunneling systems: two of “Wirht” and “Herrenknecht” firms with ground surcharge of face and «Wirht» system with pneumatic surcharge of face, for drifting in soft, saturated soils.
– КМ-24-0 mechanized systems for construction of wayside tunnels of 5,65 m in rocks of medium resistance by “casing compression into rock”;
– two mechanized systems of 3,6 m for construction of tunnels in stable rocks of medium resistance and in medium-watered rocks as well as in sands and clays including gravel-cobble sediments and float stones.
– Drilling machines for construction of tunnels in stable rocks.

Lorries TATRA, MAN, KrAZ, Kamaz, Zil of different purposes, dump-trucks, truck-tractors, concrete mixers and special vehicles are used for transportation of freight. We have autobuses PAZ, KAVZ, GAZ for transportation of people. There are also passenger cars.

Cranes of different loading capacity, 16-50 tons are used for loading-unloading of freight, for move at sites.

Excavation and loading of soil is made by means of earth-movers, excavating and loading machines with bucket of different volume and capacity.

Types of activities:

– Trucking (board, dump trucks, carriers)
– Services of construction machineries and mechanisms (excavating machines, truck-cranes, caterpillar cranes, pneumatic-tired cranes, earth-movers, loading machines)
– Excavating. Transport of concrete by means of special purpose trucks.
– Renting of premises and open territory for parking.