Works in progress

Works in progress

First stage of the Construction of the Syretsko-Pecherska Kyiv Metro Line section from "Syrets" station to Vynohradar Residential Area with the Depot

The new section of the metro line will consist of two stations – “Mostytska” and ” Prospekt Pravdy”, as well as section of the fork ramification of the track towards to “Vynohradar” station
Total construction length – 3,7 km, include:
trenchless method – 1,3 km
cut and cover method – 2,4 km
Construction work period – 36 months.

More information about the Project and  its progress  you can find on the our site

Rehabilitation with strengthening of the supporting structures of the running tunnels on the 1st main track between the stations "Zoloti Vorota" and "Lukyanivska" on the Syretsky-Pechersk line of the Kyiv Metro

This section of Kyiv Metro lays into extreme water-deposited soils, that in conditions of dynamic loads from rolling stock and environmental influences wash out tunnels and stations base gradually. Performed work, will ensure the traffic safety and passenger transportations reliability, will allow to lift speed limits on the section with subsidence, as a result, the interval of trains movement will decrease and the transportation capacity of the Kyiv Metro line will improve.

Rehabilitation (with improvement) of special-purpose objects with adjoining underground passages and installation of ventilation kiosks at the section of Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska Line from station "Kontraktova Square" to the station "Lybidska" of Kyiv Metro

Project provides for the technological tunnels renovation with total length approximately 1,3 km.
Capacity of required works include:

  • tunnel framework rehabilitation
  • hauling track demolition
  • the rigid bedding arrangement
  • the drainage arrangement
  • the partition-wall arrangement
  • the shaft interior fit-out
  • the installation of equipment required for operation.

Presently, underground main structures are executed and further work including operational services are on hold, as a result of accelerated aging processes connected with high humidity, ventilation lack the underground tunnels gradually lose load-carrying capability.

Construction of the first stage pumping station within the framework reconstruction project of the first phase facilities of the Bortnychi station of aeration

Project provides the construction of the new first stage pumping station instead the existing that was constructed in 1963 and has emergency status. The new sewage station construction provides the installation of a new energy-efficient pumping equipment with the 600 thousand cubic meter per day flowrate production, that allow to ensure reliability of a wastewater pumping from the parts of the Left-bank and the Right-bank Kyiv to the Bortnychi station of aeration. For compression, existing pumping station daily flowrate production was 200 thousand cubic meter per day in 2016.

Reconstruction of the water treatment station "Dniprovska” by the implementation of drinking water disinfection technology with chlorine dioxide in Kyiv (1st Phase)

Project provides the reconstruction of the facilities of the water treatment station “Dniprovska, equipment modernization by the replacement water treatment technology with liquefied chlorine to water treatment technology with dioxide chlorine to improve water quality and environmental safety. Water station “Dniprovska” treatment rate – 600 thousand cubic meter per day. Reconstruction is performed in continuous operations of existence water treatment station “Dniprovska, without disturbing the drinking water production process.

Enclosing structures of the prospective tunnel towards to "Teremky” metro station in Kyiv

Running tunnels preparation works for the object “Construction of enclosing and embedded structures within the prospective running tunnels construction from station “Ipodrom” towards to station “Teremky” in Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv.

Dnipro Metro construction completion

PJSC “Kyivmetrobud” as general subcontractor participate in the Dnipro Metro construction completion project, that provides the construction of 3 metro stations in the central part of the city. The total length of section under construction is 4 km include: stations “Tsentralna”, “Tetralna” and “Muzeina” Works are being carried out in difficult hydrogeological conditions and New Austrian Tunneling Method is used.

Total renovation of the "Sviatoshyn” station in the Sviatoshyn-Brovarska Kyiv Metro Line

The station renovation include the full range of the face, cables, equipments replacement works, construction of the elevator mines to provides the free access of people with limited mobility from platform level to ticket hall area level.

Capital mining operations on the Inhulets mine field

Capital mining operations of “Skhidnyi” conveying truck tractor, complex of rock hoisting (-300,0) m, “Zakhidnyi” conveying truck tractor, complex of rock hoisting (-360,0) m belonging to “Complex project of gradual development of mining works and of mineral processing till end of processing of Inhulets mine field”. All mining operations are performed drilling and blasting method, and have a total volume 153 thousand m3.

Execution of Hydraulic engineering work on Dniester Pumped Power Station Second Stage