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Board and structure of “Kyivmetrobud” PJSC

Board and structure of “Kyivmetrobud” PJSC

Metelytsya Oleksandr Mykolayovych

General Director of "Kyivmetrobud" PJSC

Born on 06.02.1973, graduated from the Ukrainian Transport University as construction engineer in bridges and tunnels.
Honours: III degree order of Merit.

Board and structure of “Kyivmetrobud” PJSC

Likhman Sergiy Mykolayovych

Chief Engineer of "Kyivmetrobud" PJSC

Born on 06.10.1951, graduated from the Kryvyi Rig mining institute, technology and complex mechanization of underground mining activity, mining engineer.

Honours: Badge of "Honour Order", honorary degree of "Honoured Builder of Ukraine".

Board and structure of “Kyivmetrobud” PJSC

Tokarev Oleg Mykolayovych

Financial Director of "Kyivmetrobud" PJSC

Born on 06.01.1963, graduated from the Moscow institute of traffic engineers, economy, planning-engineer, Doctor of Philosophy in political science.

Honours: honorary degree "Honoured Economist of Ukraine".
8, Prorizna Street, 01601 Kyiv City