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Kyivmetrobud PJSC has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate.
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Strategy and objectives



    Providing of highly qualified construction services of international standard, rendering high productivities, quality, timely commissioning of projects, executing the most ambitious plans in the area of construction of buildings and facilities. Due to its activities to help people to live more comfortable, to do more, to save their time and funds for productive life in modern society.

Our perspective

    To be leader in the area of underground, civil and industrial construction in Ukraine. To become valuable, competitive member of international construction market and to show possibilities of native construction sector in full. We aim to become the company respected due to professionalism and holding the reputation as reliable partner, supplier and employer in the area of construction in Ukraine and in the world.

Our objectives

        - To become No.1 construction company in order of importance for customers and consumers.
        - To keep lead among leading Ukrainian companies for underground development
        - To move to the fore among construction companies of Ukraine
        - To show ourselves and our possibilities to international construction market
        - To expand the market of rendered services
        - Receiving high and constant profit
        - Establishing of dynamic, progressive and highly-efficient enterprise able to solve the most complicated problem in the area of construction
        - Stable rise of our part of the market due to quantity of clients both constant and new ones
        - To invest in the area of perspective projects construction
        - To establish own planning and design office
        - To expand a part in commercial construction.


    1. Towards customer
    To meet the uppermost requirements and to render highly qualified construction services.
    2. Towards partners
    To provide continuous construction process, to provide technical, service and resources assistance.
    3. Towards personnel
    To provide optimal conditions for effective work, to provide professional and personal advancement, opportunities for self-realization.
    4. Towards society
    To form correct, respectful attitude to business environment, legislation according to moral and social principles.

8, Prorizna Street, 01601 Kyiv City