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Chemical grouting of separate sections of Syrets-Pechersk and Kurenivka-Chervonoarmiyska lines of Kyiv Metro

2016 year

Chemical grouting total capacity – 4 408 boreholes (39 734 m3).

Dwarka Sector 21 metro station (India)



«Design and Construction of Dwarka Sector 21 Underground Station, Cut & Cover Tunnels and Connected works (India)»

KYIVMETROBUD PJSC jointly with ERA INFRA ENGINEERING Ltd, have executed Contract AMEL C-7 for Delhi Metro, with the fallowing scope of work: Design & Construction of Dwarka Sector 21 Underground Station (length-258 m approx) including structures above ground, Cut & Cover Tunnels and other associated structures such as Ventilation shafts, Cross passages, Ramps, Utilities, gallerias etc.

Total length of executed tunnels - 2073 m, and length of Ramps - 606 m.

The Project have the fallowing key features as it is the biggest station in India, it is connected the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro with Delhi Airport Express and Depot and two floors of the station is used for commercial purposes. It is also the first Delhi Metro station with hotel rooms within the complex


No.5 Waste Landfill Kyivspetstrans



"Renewal and technical re-equipment of No.5 waste landfill in Pidhirtsi village of Obukhiv district in Kyiv region"

     It was built a radiological control laboratory, boiler stations, checkpoint, pump station for filtered material pumping, transmission line, transformer substation, covered parking for transportation and mechanisms, on-/out of-/site utilities on the site. It was also built a 400 cubic meters per day shop for filtered material treatment. It was reconstructed an administration building, drainage repumping station, rain water treatment facilities. Italian equipment for filtered material treatment was purchased and installed.

Darnytsia railway station



    Phase 1 construction of "Darnytsia" passenger station complex of South-West railway station.


    All construction works are fulfilled without discontinuance of trains' services and the following is put into service:

        - two halls containing 15 ticket offices, waiting hall for 60 persons, office and technical area, medical station and police office;

        - through tunnel with six exits, four of which are equipped with escalators: 3 escalators for each hall and 2 escalators for each raised platform;

        - two roof platforms, entrances to the platforms are equipped with ticket barriers.


Maidan Nezalezhnosti square renewal



     "Kyivmetrobud" PJSC as a general contractor has fulfilled construction and erection works for the 10-th anniversary of independence of Ukraine on erection of memorial in honor of declaration of independence of Ukraine together with museum complex, rebuilding of Maidan Nezalezhnosti square and building of "Globus" four-storeyed trade and exhibition centre of total area over 35 thousand square meters. Totally it was fulfilled facing work on area near 26 000 m², 10 fountains were erected.


Building of Dnister Pump storage plant

Building of Dnister Pump storage plant began in November 22, 1983.

Building of Dnister Pump storage plant      Aggregate mines and house of the station with 7 Pump storage plant aggregates (turbine-pump and motor-generator) are situated in separate mines of 32 m depth and 50 m height. Dredging for mines of such construction is fulfilled under two phases:

          1 phase - unique work – by means of drop concreting method: 32-m. assembled reinforced-concrete ring is sunk in soft ground from 85 m. mark to 60 m. mark;

          2 phase - exploitation of rock by means of drilling and explosive method stepwise 2 m with the following monolithic reinforced-concrete fixing.


Water-line channel

      The water-line channel consists of penstocks and offset tunnels.

      Penstocks – it is 7 separately located branches each includes:

  • Compensator;
  • Upper turn;
  • Vertical mine (height near 100 m, diameter 7,5 m) with metal casing;
  • Horizontal part (diameter 7,5 m, length 400 m, from which 200 m is reinforced component and 200 m in metal casing);
  • Offset tunnels of 120-150 m length and inner diameter 8,2 m lay at an angle of 140˚ to horizon in very fractured grounds of horizontal bedding (in claystones, siltstones).



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